A Closer Look At Canvas Printing As Visual Art: What It Is And How It Is Used

The emergence of canvas art is surely a breakthrough in visual art. It comes as an art form that reaches out to a wider range of audience wherein it is in return used for a range of purposes. To get to know more about canvas printing, it is appropriate to understand its nature and usage.


Canvas printing refers to the process of printing images onto a canvass, hence the name. Images printed on canvass are usually stretched or gallery-wrapped onto a frame. The common processes used in this printing technique are offset printing, inkjet printing, and dye sublimation.

Primarily, inkjet printing is done through a computer wherein the copied image is in its digital form and printed according to the desired size of the client. Offset and dye sublimation procedures are mechanically done by creating an ink version of the original work before transferring it to the canvas.


Canvas printing becomes one of the widespread art forms today because its output may be used for different purposes. Specifically, canvas art may be used as:

  • Home Decoration

Commonly, canvas art is used as a home decoration wherein framed images of different sizes may be installed in selected areas inside the house. This closely relates to interior designing wherein art works are commonly used as a decorative element.

  • Gift Items

Giving canvas art as a gift item is also a good idea. For instance, you can choose artworks that are appropriate for different occasions and request expert canvas artists to replicate those.

As an art innovation, canvas printing surely is an interesting field to study because of its fascinating features and processes.

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