5 Great And Extraordinary Ideas For A Buck’s Weekend

Is somebody in your group getting married? Well, it’s your duty to make sure his last days of freedom will be worth remembering. To make his buck’s weekend party more fun, you can try some things you wouldn't normally do.

However, organising such an event might not be as easy as you might think. You have to take care of many details, including the venues, activities, bucks party invites, etc. Fortunately, we have here a list of ideas to make your task of planning an extraordinary celebration easier.

Beer Keg Racing

Yes, you heard it right—you'll be racing each other on motorised beer kegs! This is a great option if you want to add novelty value on your buck’s weekend. Also, you’ll get to strengthen your bonds as this activity requires you to be a team. If you have other guests, this is a good means to let them know each other better.

Blo Karting

If you want an adrenalin-pumping activity by the beach, blo karting is your best choice. Essentially, it's yachting on land, but instead of using a boat, you get to ride a kart,which can reach up to 40 km/h.

During the activity, you'll move across the land in 3-wheeled karts, which you have to steer using hand levers and pedals. These vehicles are powered by the wind, so you have to think fast as you attempt to stay away from your friends or the sea. If your friends want to live life in the fast lane, this is really the activity for you.

Cheese Rolling

If you want to add in a spirit of culture into your buck’s weekend and fearless enough for a tough challenge, you can take part in the Cheese Rolling race down the perilous Cooper’s Hill. The Double Gloucester cheese, which weighs 7 pounds and measures 3 inches thick and 9 inches in diameter, is thrown down the hill for participants to pursue. What’s more, the cheese wheel can reach speeds of up to 70 m/h, creating a new meaning to “hot pursuit”.

Chess Boxing

As the name suggests, this is a unique combination of chess and boxing, and is claimed to be an activity ideal for those who are blessed with brains and brawn. The fun comes from continuously switching between tasks and trying to keep it all together. You can win by check-mating your opponent, knocking him out, judges decision or if your opponent fails to make a chess move in a permitted time. If the chess game reaches a stalemate, then you have to gain the most points in boxing.

Dumper Truck Driving

Did you know that dumper trucks were initially invented for racing and not to scoot around sand and rocks? Nah… Admittedly, this fact is technically a lie.

However, in dumper truck racing, you can fly with speed, steam past your buddy to the finish line and take the chequered flag. Your coordination, driving skills and nerve will be tested as you steer these huge trucks around a specially designed course on tricky and bumpy terrains. This is definitely something unique you and your friends haven’t tried before.

By trying one, two or all of these ideas and taking care of everything (venues, bucks party invites, etc.), you can ensure yourselves of a smashing buck’s weekend party you’ll never forget.

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