Giving Vintage Prints To Business Peers And Clients As Gifts

Corporate gift giving often proves a headache, even for experienced businesspeople who have been successfully navigating the corporate world for some time now. Thoughtfully selected corporate gifts say so much about how the person giving the gift feels about the recipient, with the result that there’s actually more at stake than many people realise.

How to select a gift, i.e. what would prove suitable?

Selecting a gift for an important business peer or client is often a source of stress for many businesspeople because they haven’t any idea what their interests are and therefore what would prove useful and of value to them.

This is also a dilemma that many find they face when exploring their options with regard to the custom promotional products they have produced for trade shows, local fairs and other events at which promotional products are distributed in that branded, promotional products must of use and value if they are to succeed at furthering awareness of the business brand in the minds of current and future clients.

However, as there’s a good chance that they’ve visited their business peers and clients’ offices, they’re consequently presented with the perfect opportunity to gain an understanding of their taste in art and decorations and many have found that, after taking a look at their peers and clients’ office walls, art of some description often proves to be an excellent choice of gift, with vintage prints proving very popular.

What is a vintage print?

A vintage print could be a printed poster, a block mount, an acrylic panel or a canvas print — there are a number of varieties currently available.

There’s seemingly no end of subject matter — which means that practically everyone is well catered for including the person giving the gift — though it’s important to remember that the image and subject must be suitable for a) display in the recipient’s office or home, b) their taste in art or subject matter, and c) quality, so have it laminated or mounted so as to not look cheap.

Why give a vintage print as a gift?

Most people have, at least, a mild appreciation of art with many being avid admirers and collectors. Even if a business peer or client doesn’t have an obvious taste for art they’re most likely to appreciate it as a gift for the walls of their home or office; moreover, many are so impressed with what they lay their eyes upon they immediately realise exactly what they’ve been missing out on all these years.

Considerations when giving vintage prints as gifts

There are naturally a few important considerations to take note of when giving vintage prints as gifts, most notably, as mentioned above, suitability with regard to display in their home or office — no nudes — as well as cultural differences — you must ensure the vintage prints you give as corporate gifts are suitable for recipients and don’t offend them on grounds regarding religion, race and sexual orientation.

Vintage prints make great gifts when selected wisely.

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