Popular Painters From The Land Of The Rising Sun

Art comes in many forms and is not limited to a particular activity or medium. In fact, it covers a diverse range of creations and modes of expressions that can influence your senses, emotions, and intellect. Take for example an abstract painting that is renowned for its beauty and artistry. To an untrained eye, it will only appear as a series of brush strokes and varying colours. But, to an artist's point of view, the image narrates a story about life, love, or even death. Visual art, for instance, is another form of the said process that also consists of different types of artistry, but is primarily ocular in nature. This is where painting belongs. Under this category, you will also find many classifications that are determined by the style and techniques used. Some notable examples are Impressionism, Romanticism, Pointillism, and many others.

With the variety of labels that you have to know in order to better appreciate art, you could get confused in the process. So, why not settle for a particular set of creative hands and minds, like Japanese artistry. Like any other countries in the world, the Land of the Rising Sun is also home to famous painters such as the following:

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  • Katsushika Hokusai – He is one of the ukiyo-e artists and printmaker during the Edo or Tokugawa period. The woodblock painting, called The Great Wave, which depicts Mt. Fuji as seen from the perspective of large, curved waves is among the most famous Japanese paintings in the world. During his time, Hokusai created over thirty thousand artworks, most of which are distinct to the eighteenth century era. Other masterpieces that he has done include the Thirty-Six Views of Mount Fuji, Hokusai Manga, and the Dream of the Fisherman's Wife.

  • Utagawa Hiroshige – He is also known as Ando Hiroshige and another ukiyo-e painter. His work Shi Shi, which refers to “lion dogs”, depicts the two mythical beasts that are stalking the mountains. This illustration is commonly carved at the front of the Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines.

Aside from these two, there are more than one hundred painters in Japan that have showcased exemplary works. The number could be growing as well with the many modern artists that are gaining popularity these days, such as Ryoko Oikawa. Of course, you can fully enjoy artworks if you see them with your own eyes. Most of them are not only appealing, but also make great wall decorations in any space. With that said, check out the various masterpieces that you can get through this website and satisfy your eyes with extraordinary illustrations and colours.

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