Canvas prints Explained:
What is a "Stretcher"?
Canvases are wrapped around and stretched over wooden frames made from different qualities and depths of wood. These frames are built using Stretcher Bars or "Stretchers". Whilst stretchers are not visible behind the stretched canvas, they are a very important component of your finished canvas, providing depth and strength to your canvas. Stretchers also have an effect on the look of your canvas, as a deeper stretcher can provide more physical presence on your wall. The choice of stretcher depth, however, should always be a personal decision to achieve your desired look.
Larger canvases, above 40inches are more suited to deeper stretchers both for strength and aesthetics.
All of our frames are hand built from our range of stretchers; we never use MDF or board behind our canvas.
Our canvases come with corner wedges to allow re-stretching of canvases, which will naturally loosen-off over time, depending on the hanging environment. The wedges allow canvases to be re-tensioned with just a tap of a hammer.
38mm Stretcher
These are kiln dried pine stretchers combined with a 280gsm canvas, providing a lighter and more economical canvas, this is the standard depth of stretcher used by
Other Stretchers
20mm, 44mm and 5mm stretchers are available; please contact us for further details.
We only use water resistant, artist grade canvases. Whilst we offer different canvas weights, the print quality remains excellent throughout our range of canvases.
Acrylic varnish
We always apply a coat of acrylic varnish for added canvas protection against dirt and scratches. The varnish provides a protective coating on your canvas which enhances the image, is UV resistant and allows the canvas to be wiped down with a damp cloth.
From our experience people like to touch canvases. When this happens regularly, oils transferred from fingers can leave marks on a canvas, which the application of an acrylic varnish protects against.
Canvas edges
With our canvases, you will have a choice as to how the edges of the canvas are finished. The image can be sized so that it completely wraps around the sides or we can duplicate the edges and add them on to the image to give the impression of a full wrap, without any loss of the main image. We can also create a blur wrap however; our staff will make a recommendation during the order process as some images are more suited to certain wrap options so simply select the option you prefer and if this does not suit the image, we will contact you.
All our on-line orders have either a white or wrapped edge, with the wrap depending on the image ordered.