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Vintage art prints and posters Old Masters           Map of North West Europe Japanese Samurai
Vintage art prints and posters Old Masters Vintage Maps Vintage Japanese Art

Copyright information: Our Old master prints are reproduced from original paintings with an expired copyright on the original work (70 years from the end of the year of death of the artist) however, copyright also exists on the digital images used to reproduce the prints, and on the print itself.

Image retouching and reproduction:  We digitally retouch and colour-correct the majority of our digital images before printing, to ensure that the quality of the reproduction is as close to the original as possible. In many instances, this can be a big challenge as the original work of art may be hundreds of years old and be in very poor condition.

We will endevour to remove obvious blemishes, where it is possible, without affecting the the overall integrity of the work. Where we cannot remove lines, varnish marks or other blemishes without visibly altering the representation of the original art work, we will not attempt to do so.

Note: some of our images may not fit exactly to our standard sizing, due to their original proportions. If this situation arises with your selected image, we will print your image at a size as close to your selected size as possible without the need to crop.

If you need your image to be your select size and do not want us to adjust your prints, please let us know and we will provide an image carefully cropped to your selected size.

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